Pueblo has been my home for 30 plus years, with a strong family presence in the San Luis Valley. I am married, with a son, both are my world. I have owned three businesses, one retail, and two service based. I was a foster parent prior to being married, caring for children from infancy to 18 years of age. I hold strong to the values I was raised with, the faith I’ve come to grasp, and the desire to achieve my goals, while remaining true to my values. I believe, real estate is where I was meant to be. The feeling of helping two strangers come together to piece together the ideal outcome, enabling a seller to continue on, and a new owner the thrill of a new start, a new chapter in their journey.

Real Estate Education
Van ED
Keller Williams
Keller Williams Mentorship
I continue to take classes, always learning and improving my knowledge

I think it’s safe to say, I care and also, that I have finally reached the age where I no longer give my exact age!! I actually used 30 plus above! Haha Thank you for taking a minute to know me.